Saturday, June 7, 2014

Few realizations in life!!!!

I choose –

To live by choice, and not by chance
To be motivated, not manipulated
To be useful, not being used
To make changes for good, not excuses
To excel, not to compete
Choose to live with self- esteem,
Choose to listen to my inner voice, not to the random opinion of others.
Choose to live for my personal values & principles, so that others don’t make my decisions
Choose to be trusted and honest, so that I can be true to myself

Few realizations that I have experienced in life for the choices I have made are…

You are bound to experience difficulties
You are bound to be stronger else people will be waiting to see you weak
People intimidate you and push you to corners
They doubt you so that you feel as a failure
They feel insecured because of your confidence, they will have to daunt you so that they survive
People feel envious and try all dirty tricks on you
They feel bitter about you, waiting to take grudge
They will ensure to play foul games, because your fiasco is their target.
So….. WHO ARE THESE who wait to create catastrophe in your life.
There are many around you. At personal, professional and social levels too. The higher you grow, more are numbers. They are this group who are INSECURED          
Insecured about themselves    
Apprehensive about their own lives
Uncertain about their future
Anxious about others success
Self-doubting about their decisions
Incompetent to prove their might 

In reality, a personality which displays timidity, sadistic attitude, cynical, influencing pessimistically, injects suspicion, being pompous & snobbish, being domineering, plays nepotism, obsessive about attention, control freak, power monger, is skeptical and infuses ambiguity….. so on and so forth.
You can be ensured that there are plentiful who are insecured around you if you are a person who chooses to live your life by your choice, your value systems and being good.
Same old anecdote… ‘Difficulty of being good’!!!!

Be ensured to stand strong because you will be propelled from altitudes
Promise to be yourself, because your honesty, sincerity and integrity will be questioned
Pledge to be good, because you will be dragged to eccentric loftiness
Engage to focus on right things, because you will be driven to give up easily
Swear to be a mettle, because you will be tested with heat

All great virtues, ethics, morals, ideals, principles, answerable to one’s own conscience are awfully expensive – you cannot expect it from substandard people.  That’s the rule of nature.
Being a leader by demand, inducing transparency, impelling openness, persuading uprightness, inspiring, leaving an affirmative imprints…. demands to be tested. The path is strenuous & grueling.  That’s again the rule of nature.

Rule of survival says – Be it anyway, human as after all an animal.
Rule if living says – Choose to be human. If you are still an animal, then why being called as civilized & educated!!!
Rule of enlightenment says – Choose to be soul of glory, live your life so that you leave an imprint that even the sands of history can’t erase your name.

Choice is yours!!!!   .. CHOOSE and BE ALERT.