Sunday, September 25, 2016

Where to draw a line!

 Scenario 1: (Almost at the end of interview)

Interviewer: Very well, what is your expectation w.r.t CTC? And do you have any offers in hand?
Interviewee: Yes! I have two offers in hand, one is 9.5LPA and another is 10.3LPA. I would like to know what is your offer?
Interviewer: Oh! I see. Aren’t happy with the offers you have, and are you still looking for more. And for 3.5years of experience, that’s a pretty good offer.
Interviewee: Not like that, I am just checking out.
Interviewer: Haven’t you committed in those places.
Interviewee: I have informed at both the places to join, but it depends.
Interviewer: Aren’t you happy about the role! Is that the reason why you are still hunting for a better opportunity!
Interviewee: Hmmm, Role, I can manage. (Goes Silent)
Interviewer: When are you supposed to join either one of them!
Interviewee: I haven’t yet decided, I can decide and tell them when I am ready, but my relieving date in the current company is day after, and I shall decide by then. Probably my current company can retain me, as I have asked them to pay me 11. 
Interviewer: So, one of them would feel at loss if you don’t join them.
Interviewee: Well, if you pay me 12LPA, I shall promise to join you on coming Monday.
Interviewer: I see. 

Scenario 2: (During Sourcing – Telephonic Conversation)  

Company Representative(CR): Hello, I am from XYZ company, and we are looking for 0-1 year of experience in HR who should be a MBA graduate. I see that you are currently working at Domlur as HR Trainee and actively looking for an opportunity.
Candidate:  Yes, but where is your company located?

CR: Well, it is at BTM Layout
Candidate: Oh! I stay in RT Nagar, do you have cab facility?
CR: No, it’s a day job, within city limits, we don’t have one.
Candidate: What is the CTC?
CR: We are open in that option. We are looking for a potential candidate, pay isn’t a constraint
Candidate: Do you have JD. Can you send it across!
CR: Yes, I shall send it. Can you walk me through your profile and tell me about your current role!
Candidate: Send me the JD, I will tell you where I fit in and if I am interested.
CR: Well what is your email ID which you check regularly, can you give that.
Candidate:  It’s the same as in my resume. Please refer. I have no time
(Note: The above position was for a HR profession who is actively looking for a job)

By the way, this isn’t concocted, it is based on a true conversation.  Such statements aren’t surprising if you are in HR profession unless you are in top branded organizations.  
The above conversation is factual across bands, grades and experiences.  

When I heard this, it was a blend of feelings – hiring need, attitude, industry focus, skill gap and so on. This is true irrespective of years of experience. It is doubly true if they carry technical skills. And it is triply true if those technical skills are niche.

Has industry ruined them so much that they are wanting to earn money in no time. It becomes super sensitive if we speak about deserve versus desire.
Have we competed each other to an extent that candidates have two or three offers to spree around and yet aren’t sure what to do and we encourage it because we badly want the position to get filled.  Has it ever made us think on our comprising index!
Most of the interviewers speak about stability, loyalty and commitment to organization during interview & offer process and is one of the parameter to consider to offer them a job. But, yet we overtake it to take a decision. Such traits hold no reverence. With this culture quotient we want leadership traits to be built within the organization.

What is written between lines in the above contexts - 
  • We have no clue how to define commitment.
  • We have forgotten how to be courteous.
  • We don’t know what we really want.
  • We have no clue how to be presentable.
  • We have no patience to earn with endurance.
  • We have no mutual respect to fellow men.
  • More than all, we have no value towards what profession we are into!!

Behavioral competency is crucial to deliver a job. But, what behavioral competency are above scenarios projecting!
Skill gap is just not with functional or technical competency. Skill gap should also be evaluated w.r.t personality and how they display through their behavior, interaction, communication and all small aspects that forms them. Do we have grit to say we don’t need candidates who don’t display fundamental values!    

Summarizing it all, only few earn money. For the rest, money earns them.