Sunday, July 17, 2011

When a river inside us flows.......

I was on the banks of Hoogli River and watching a magnificent bridge lighted up. The tributary of river Ganges was as enormous and I could see her far until my sight reached.
The river flowed on, not knowing where it is heading to. It has had a humble beginning and there is no choice of choosing its destiny. It has many downfalls, but every waterfall it creates it makes it stronger and establishes its uniqueness on earth. Pebbles and stones laid in its path created   mayhem but also gave it its song. In levelled areas it looked as if it is standing still, but deep current carried it along. In turbulent areas it put off people who did not realize that the turmoil is due to obstacles laid in its way, and not due to any fault of the river.
Having reached the plains, the river picks up tons of momentum. It establishes its eminence, and people look at it with revelation. It offers itself to be wedged, it can carry ferries and ships, it nurtures so many lives within rivulet, and it is the source of sustenance for agriculture.
Throughout its journey the river watches its own revolution, almost as a bystander. It feels so innate, since it is not in its control of its fortune. It watches its early morning devotees offering flowers and salutations, it experiences dirt filled bodies emerging cleansed from within its body, it absorbs the ashes of the burnt dead reverently thrown into its swirls along noiselessly, it watches villages and cities, it witnesses the rise and fall of civilizations. It welcomed habituation on its shores when people wanted to settle down happily enjoying its life sustaining water.
Through the ages, countries have been divided along river paths, wars have been fought, dams have been built and canals have been drawn away. People have been baptized, they have been cleansed, they have offered prayers, they have travelled on it, and they have merged their sins with it. Never in so many centuries has anyone stopped to sit by the river and probe its heart, search its deep currents – to ask what it wants.
The only thing that the river is ensured is that its journey will come to an end one day and it plunges itself to a massive body losing its identity.  Such is a human life. Some flow with the currents, some try to battle with the life’s decisions and directions. The end result is the same – merger with the higher self-but what is important during the passage of time, whether we quenched someone’s thirst, whether we carried someone on our shoulders, whether we fortified someone’s life or whether we destroyed something on the way. The choice is ours.
Look back, to see where are our rivers flowing.......

Monday, January 17, 2011

Trails on Ascending

What is within this earth’s crust   
What is within the depth of my soul
What is the purpose of my life’s journey

What created what is!

What lies without …

What lies in the serenity of a morning
hike through the forest, covered by
colossal trees, pelting through the pebbles
Cascading a bed of mountain stones
How is mighty and majestic pinnacle
That shows off to sky
The zenith of life, and the summit to reach. 

The crest pulls us with endurance
As tedious the life’s pathway too
To pursue, to trail, to hunt or to chase
All to ensue the purpose of life

Uphill, sometimes we give up
A twinge unquenchable
What made me to give up …
A constraint, a situation, sometimes a choice

But, the cry within is pinching persistently
To recuperate, to rebound, to spring up
Just to reach the apex
To excavate the edge, to ascertain the
Gentle, Calm, Mighty, and Majestic from the depths of my soul
to the world around me…
Life is All-Surrounding, lingering to behold.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The way we are ...

We hold on to things the tightest,
when we are forced to let them go-
We always want things a certain way,
when know they can’t be so.

Dreams always last the longest,
when they are furthest from our reach-
And the lessons we can learn the most from,
are often the very ones we teach.

The grass is always the greenest,
when it lies on the other side-
And the truths we preach to others
are often those we can’t abide.

We hold fast to the things in a storm,
which are most likely to blow away-
And yet we neglect to wear sunscreen,
on a bright and sunny day.
We spend our time trying to see things,
when perspective is one thing we lack-
And we never appreciate what we we’ve got,
until we can’t get it back.

We expect the whole world to give us a break,
and yet ironically we’ll find-
That when others come asking the same of us,
we tell him they’re out of their mind.

We tell everyone what’s wrong with this world,
and we do nothing to make it right-
We complain about families falling apart,
and yet do nothing to keep them tight.

We preach about loving our neighbours,
and we teach children right form wrong-
But we never set good examples for them,
when real chances come along.

We complain about not having enough time in our lives,
to do what we must do-
Yet if we were given more hours in a day,
we’d use up all that, too.

We desire to be close to all those we love,
yet all too often look on from afar-
And when it comes to the truth do we want to change,
or remain forever as we are ?