Monday, January 17, 2011

Trails on Ascending

What is within this earth’s crust   
What is within the depth of my soul
What is the purpose of my life’s journey

What created what is!

What lies without …

What lies in the serenity of a morning
hike through the forest, covered by
colossal trees, pelting through the pebbles
Cascading a bed of mountain stones
How is mighty and majestic pinnacle
That shows off to sky
The zenith of life, and the summit to reach. 

The crest pulls us with endurance
As tedious the life’s pathway too
To pursue, to trail, to hunt or to chase
All to ensue the purpose of life

Uphill, sometimes we give up
A twinge unquenchable
What made me to give up …
A constraint, a situation, sometimes a choice

But, the cry within is pinching persistently
To recuperate, to rebound, to spring up
Just to reach the apex
To excavate the edge, to ascertain the
Gentle, Calm, Mighty, and Majestic from the depths of my soul
to the world around me…
Life is All-Surrounding, lingering to behold.

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