Saturday, March 30, 2013

People need people!

 It is a bright star lit sky,
Its souvenir to people for me, different in many ways
We all glisten the world however small we are
It says you are all similar, But you aren’t same
Yet, we are unique by ourselves

Every life, has a hand of existence
Existence embedded with emotions
Emotions, perceptions, acumen & nous
Changing our approach, stance or outlook
Forming, amending, toning and harmonizing
We grow, we define, we express and we confine
Crafting ourselves to be an exception

PEOPLE - all excite me in every mode and deed
Reading them is stimulating
Being with them is edifying
Moving with them is illuminating
Of all, the truth is – People need people.
To live with, to argue and to forgive
To laugh, to share and to be quiet
Agree to disagree, and to simply feel somewhere we belong
People need people that's a fact,
And that's that, and that's it.

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