Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Was it a ‘The Jungle Book’ or ‘A Life Book’!!!

You are alone exploring the world as you are budding, some you have met right from your birth, who wish you good as they have nurtured and have witnessed you grow. They protect you because they think you are theirs. They mount you with love and affection and you develop intense emotions for them. They handhold thinking you need support unconditionally.

In the journey, you have made friends and enemies, some with no clue. Some you know, some you don’t. Some you hear from, and some you experience. 

Even if man is an animal by theory, he is not a welcome guest in animal group, because he is too intelligent to sustain. He is powerful and his main power is intelligence, power of taking control – control of others and their lives which seems to be a threat for theirs. Just not in animal kingdom, isn’t it the reality in human empire too. Others get threatened with one’s intelligence and constantly wants to be in power. Power of any form in a definite territory.

You get an identity with the genes you carry, and if you seem to be a threat based on past experiences or based on the growth you have or based on danger you may pose to others built on their assumptions, they try to uproot you. Either you obey the supremacy or you fight it out. But when you know you are in a forest and the king is the authority, you have no other prospect to let go and move on to explore yet another world.

Along the journey you meet-

Akela and Raksha and many other guardians who are extremely affectionate and always want to see you good. They trust you completely, they protect you and guide you. They teach you values of life and to endure. You may never be able to repay their affection.

You meet Bagheera who seems to be tough, but loves you and mentors you to beat your own record. It’s rare to find such species, beware of loosing.

You meet many unknown hands who help you in various ways, but you will have one cheerful Baloo who loves you, who sticks to you, loves to spend time with you, but won’t tell you that they love you so much. They stand for you when the time is testing. They are worth an asset

You also meet materialistic Louie, who is interested to extract your best and may do anything with you later. They are the people constantly who are on look-out for power and control. Taking advantage of situation, people and time runs constantly at their backend.
Oh! How sweet, they are my best well wishers. I can’t even think anyone can be protective than them. It seems that I will go to sleep eyes opened with them, they sound to be so caring and shielding. Hey Buddy! More than half the world are sweet stabbers. You don’t know they might gulp you until the last minute.

Should there be a special mention of someone who hates you from every angle. Challenge is that they might not fight with you openly as ShereKhan but they display their animosity evidently. They are mighty and dominant – it’s apparent and obvious. You have no option apart from facing it.

Hard-hitting things might land up in various forms of challenge, struggles, tussles and disputes. You may try sharing and helping someone, and from other end same party may snatch things from you. There are many who aren’t bothered about your existence, and there are many who takes you as a coexister until you seem to be a menace to them. There are few who would help you in return if you help them.

You believe, you compete, you think, you explore, you are inquisitive, you wait, you defend, you are scared, you are angry, you are joyful, you are helpful, and more than all you are a HUMAN, and you need to behave like a HUMAN.

It’s not about where you came from!
It’s not about where you belong to
It’s not about what would you bring in future
It’s all about WHO YOU ARE and How does the world really perceive you!


  1. Impressive Article Pratima! In my view its a Life Book where in these characters have caught my eyes and each one of us would have come across all of them but depends on how well we have identified them and their role in our life. I can say Observe, experience and Reflect.

  2. So very true. Life is an experience only when theory of relativity is applied. Einstein was a philosopher too. :)