Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Lifelong Parading of 'I EXIST"

We learn, from the moment we sight on this terrain
We absorb from the nature and people encircling us
We discover, as we are taught
We realize concepts & aspects implicitly and silently
We understand as we grow, nurture it with our perceptions.

Learn, understand, contemplate, envisage and reflect
Hushed progression that is part of our existence
Learn, because it crafts living
Understand, as it is a form of endurance
Contemplate, for we perceive and persist
Envisage, because we are ambitious and aspire
Reflect as we foster and evolve.

Establish an identity as we interpret
Develop on the dexterities
From the spell....from the nature…
From inmates.....from the society...
Relentless parading to attest ‘I exist’, ‘I exist’, ‘I exist’…..

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