Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ego–Gets Deep As You Delve

Off late I see lot of folks tossing around the word EGO and they present the word seeming to have comprehended the meaning around it.
But often it seems to me, as an unknown factor and sometimes a complex concept to apprehend.
What is Ego? was my question, and I was startled with the vivid flavour of responses I received.

a) Ego is I, it creates my icon
b) Ego is my emotional energy
c) Its ME becoming bigger than MYSELF
d) Ego is ‘Aham' (Sanskrit)
e) Its my consciousness
f) Ego is the one who helps me in giving my identity.
g) Ego is my shield
h) It's a physiological and a psychological tie
i) It is my reflection/shadow
k) EGO…. Ahhh! It just needs to GO… from I
l) Its my best pal, it follows me all the time, I am lost in its absence.
m) Ego is still a stranger for me
n) Ego is an enemy within, it curbs my growth.
o) Ego is our ideas, persona & it represents oneself.
My thought process crisscrossed all these notions. Each reflection can be contemplated with innate concepts. Yet it seems to be a complex constitution.
In a common dialect one approaches to say Ego as ‘pride about oneself'. Physical body, mind, intellectuality, emotions, possessiveness towards ‘me' and my things. Conceit of ‘I' ness and awareness about oneself.
A spiritual concept of ego is that, a dark circle surrounds a bright soul which eventually adds negativity and pulls the flow of grace from almighty.
But, for a moment I am still inquisitive to know about the ingredients of that dark circle. It's a subtle picture in my mind.
I some times think that ego is that part which wants to create an impression of ourselves. It is a fear of creating& retaining that image. It is insecurity which does not want to get disclosed. Ego is also an apprehension towards failure when it is settled in a cosy zone. Ego is happy with appreciation. Ego strives for being called perfect and wants to be called as perfectionist. Ego is false humility and a deep rooted thought that gets satisfied with being called as superior. Ego does not want to seek help. Ego is also being with feeling of all in control with the sole reason being ‘I'. My thought flow just kept streaming like a current which encouraged to excavate more on cognitive perspective of E…G…O.
The most fascinating part of our cognitive mind has three distinct states.

Id, Ego & Super ego - Sigmund Freud's structural model of our psychic functionalities.
Id – Intrinsic drives – A "Pleasure Principle" coerce. The steer is just basic impulses of momentary need. It does all that which is required at that moment of time. It displays with no mask. So, it seems to be selfish that strives for immediate satisfaction.
Ego- works on reality principle. It is the organised part of our personality structure. It provides logical reasoning for intrinsic drives. It justifies providing sense to the world around us. Being conscious is within ego, but all actions of ego need not have to be conscious.
Super-ego is a jury. A judge who lives within us.  Super ego is driven by those principles plus a layer of positivity and negativity on it. If your action is favourable to your ego, if it results with right remarks, it gives you a proud feeling. Once when the impression is set, it thrives to keep up the standards always by judging right versus wrong, true versus false. On the contrary if your deed is not acceptable to your ego, it leaves a bitter feeling of guilt and inferiority.
After realising different genres of ego, I can employ right term in the right event instead of a generic idiom E…G….O.

But I am certainly convinced that EGO is not "Edging God Out". We neither can corner ourselves from reality, nor can we edge a life within ourselves.
It is Emotions in motion which aligns itself with sensibleness and pragmatism. Whether we call these emotions to be residing in mind or heart, it is the spirit of verve and vivacity.
It is actually alluring to know that there are even defence mechanisms in ego, which I will explore very soon and share my learning's. The thirst of exploring never fades, as the information keeps impending. I will investigate what phase of ego is this!!!

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