Saturday, December 11, 2010

Is It Necessary To Understand Oneself!

"Brilliant is one who has exceptional knowledge about the world, Enlightened is one who has implied introspection about oneself".

--- First time when I read this axiom it triggered me to think, introspect about myself so much that it seemed to end no where. Probably that's the reason Buddha was called an enlightened being. Enlightenment might also be a search for an unknown truth and what can be this secret truth today apart from knowing oneself, when we are living with ourselves all these years without discovering with whom are we living.

What is so significant about me being ME?
My personality traits, perceptions, principles, beliefs, emotions.
What makes me strong or weak?
How do I typically behave in a given situation?
How do I reciprocate at critical circumstances?
What makes me angry and why?
Can I define my saturation and limitation!
When do I become irritated and why?
What fascinates me?
What encourages or discourages me?
How would I feel in the life of isolation?
What Am' I scared about?
What drives me crazy?
Do I suppress my sentiments!
What do I want people to think about me?
Does a child live within me, if so what are those typical situations it comes out
What sort of acquaintances do I carry with me?
The most respectful thing in my life is!!!
Is my best friend qualities just like mine!
Do I grow close to people quickly or would I take time and reasons for it.
How do I perceive aspects which I don't appreciate?
What is independence to me?
Can I rebuilt the broken relationship! Does ‘forgive and forget' work with me!
What do I cherish the most?
My prime requirement in life is!
Do I crave for anything!
What is my definition for entertainment and enjoyment?
If given an opportunity to speak, what topic would I love to discuss.
What are the prime differences in me from last year to this year?

………..  Gosh, I was startled looking at my own probing skills. Indeed I deliberately ceased the list of questions.
Immediately followed a question, why do I need to think about myself so much. Is their any advantage in answering them. Would my answers remain same years later.   I was uncertain too in every step. Whenever I comprehend about Self Discovery, Introspection, Self Realization & awareness about oneself  all that strikes to my mind is interlinked progression of queries. How do I understand myself! Am' I judging my adequacies and limitations! Why is Emotional and Social Intelligence is in limelight today? When I delved and reflected on these questions, I contemplated answers and collectively projected it for more exploration.
When I was a kid, my belief on Self Discovery was more spiritual. As I grew its facets became more inquisitive. It became more realistic and functional body just like me. Today, when I sit back and think about it, I get staggered and the unfolded myself excites me each time.

Experiencing oneself is a different sensation. This outstretched feel is vivid & vibrant each time you visit your inner self. By doing so, I have realised that I can relate to others objectively with no prejudices. Self Confidence augments.  Coping skills are more rational. Decision making becomes easier when I know what I want. There is no room for redoing things when I know my priorities. More than all, the most vital aspect is self control and acceptance. The solidity of oneself is steady and consistent.
I am comfortable with myself when I know I am neither complicated nor contradictory which also leads to better conflict resolution. I can see an optimistic approach towards negative perceptions which would have developed earlier. Not surprisingly each time I think, I get refined myself which sometimes seems to be amusing, appealing and captivating. The questionnaire that I can answer about myself is become an incessant process, the more I persist the more I stimulate.

Driving down the road miles within
I found there can be no longer voyage
Than travelling within
To introspect your own heart and mind!

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